Getting Started with Messenger Chat Bots

The Messenger Academy is the best place to learn and educate yourself everything there is to know about using chatbots to grow a business. We believe that the best way to learn to is apply the practical steps we teach and experience the power of chatbots for yourself. Our courses are designed in such a way where you have actionable steps that ensure you cement what you have learnt and apply this into practise. Its perfect for anyone even if you have no prior experience.  

Why everyone needs a chat bot 

The answer is simple thats because every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience and getting them to see your content. People open much less email and social media is so crowded your organic reach is often less than 10% of your audience. Facebook Messenger bots solve this problem by providing tailored automated conversations. Its instant communication with your prospects, customers or fans. Get your message seen with 80% open rates on messenger. 

Build a 6 figure business

Our students are building a 6 figure chat bot business from a standing start with no prior experience. 

Earn £3,000 for per client

You can earn upwards of £3,000 for setting up a chatbot for business just by showcasing them a template demo. 

Get certified

Become a certified professional bot builder by going through our training and we will refer clients to you.

Join The Messenger Academy Programme

Get on board with us and learn the step by step proven business blueprint to succeed. We provide you with all the templates, training and support you need to get start today. Guaranteed to land your first client in 4 weeks!

Messenger Academy Plus

Kickstart your knowledge on messenger bots and how to use them with our entry level programme.

Messenger Academy Pro

Become a professional bot builder and start a 6 figure business with our flagship programme.